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English-Hindi > waddings

waddings meaning in Hindi

waddings sentence in Hindi
1.A . The jewelry cleaner and wadding should work on copper.

2.The ink is stored in the ike soaked in silk wadding.

3.Punch also assisted Luke Wadding in editing the works of Scotus.

4.I tried polishing them with Never Dull Magic Wadding, without success.

5.There's absolutely no wadding at all,"

6.It went through low gear and then started wadding the rear tires up.

7.Wadding for muzzleloaders is typically a small piece of cloth, or cartridge.

8.Instructed to demolish the fort, Wadding fired his mines on 15 January.

9.In early evening, a snowman filled with wadding and firecrackers is set afire.

10.Flanagan is described as the Managing Director of the Imperial Patent Wadding Company Limited.

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