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waddler meaning in Hindi

waddler sentence in Hindi
1.In 1998, D'Amato called Nadler, who is stout, " Congressman Waddler ."

2.The senator also called US Representative Jerrold Nadler " Jerry Waddler " in a demeaning jibe at that Democrat's considerable girth.

3.If " putzhead " and " Waddler " cut into his strength among either group, it could throw the match Schumer's way.

4.In the same speech, along these lines, D'Amato referred to Representative Jerrold Nadler, an overweight New York Democratic congressman, as " Jerry Waddler ."

5.At the same meeting, they said, D'Amato referred to Rep . Jerrold Nadler, a Manhattan Democrat, as " Jerry Waddler, " a presumed reference to Nadler's substantial weight.

6.At the same time, Sen . Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania plans to criticize Dole's antiabortion stance, while Sen . Richard Lugar of Indiana hopes to paint Dole as a waddler on foreign policy and a panderer to the far right wing.

7.Just a few weeks before Hyde made his comment, former Sen . Alfonse D'Amato, R-N . Y ., referred to Nadler as " Jerry Waddler " in a private meeting of reporters and politicians, a remark that later was made public.

8.PLANET OF THE PENGUINS : New England Aquarium celebrates the tuxedoed waddlers next Saturday and Sunday, 9 a . m . to 6 p . m ., with penguin interviews, crafts, activities, and talks by penguin experts ( well, it won't be Burgess Meredith ).

9.Over the years, the inventory expanded to include such lines as deaf waddler, claw paw, flailer, twitcher, tight skin, grizzled, greasy and lurcher, hammer-toe, waltzer, loop tail, vibrator, pirouette, stumbler, and stargazer, along with 615 others.

10.At the same time, D'Amato's use of the vulgarity and his reference to Rep . Jerrold Nadler of Manhattan as " Jerry Waddler " _ Nadler is a large man _ inevitably encouraged a reprise, in newspapers and on television, of other colorful incidents in the junior senator's career.

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