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English-Hindi > waddled

waddled meaning in Hindi

waddled sentence in Hindi
1.Goldsmith waddles through territory Judith Krantz has claimed as her own.

2.Nichols seemed jittery, and he walked with an odd waddle.

3.An emperor penguin waddles on rocks and snow in Polar World.

4.I waddled on ahead, and heard a horrible grating sound.

5.Waddle was said to have an affinity for the Japanese people.

6.Scott D . Waddle, spent with the visitors over lunch.

7.Scott D . Waddle, and other members of the crew.

8.Scott Waddle, is not expected to be court-martialed.

9.The medical establishment called this twaddle ( rhymes with waddle ).

10.They waddle forward and plunge into the warm, frothing surf.

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