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xanthine sentence in Hindi

"xanthine" meaning in Hindi  
  • Xanthines such as caffeine and theobromine are cAMP-phosphodiesterase inhibitors.
  • It is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme xanthine oxidase.
  • Caffeine, like other xanthines, also acts as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor.
  • This pathway also is independent of the enzyme activity of xanthine oxidase.
  • By inhibiting xanthine oxidase, it reduces uric acid production.
  • Hypoxanthine is produced from adenine, xanthine from guanine.
  • The xanthine core of caffeine contains two fused rings, a pyrimidinedione and imidazole.
  • First, guanine gets deaminated to become xanthine.
  • Synthesis of theobromine from xanthine was first reported in 1882 by Hermann Emil Fischer.
  • In the liver, theobromine is metabolized into xanthine and subsequently into methyluric acid.
  • Inhibition of xanthine oxidase has been proposed as a mechanism for improving cardiovascular health.
  • *Alloxanthine is an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase.
  • It is also an isostere of xanthine, the normal substrate for the enzyme.
  • AO is very similar in amino acid sequence to xanthine oxidase ( XO ).
  • Biologically relevant molecules identified so far include uracil, an RNA nucleobase, and xanthine.
  • Xanthine oxidase inhibitors block uric acid production.
  • Other enzymes capable of producing superoxide are xanthine oxidase, NADPH oxidases and cytochromes P450.
  • It is degraded by xanthine dehydrogenase to 2, 8-dihydroxyadenine ( DHA ).
  • "' Xanthosine "'is a nucleoside derived from xanthine and ribose.
  • The active metabolite of allopurinol is oxypurinol, which is also an inhibitor of xanthine oxidase.
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