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English-Hindi > yagi antenna

yagi antenna meaning in Hindi

yagi antenna sentence in Hindi

यागी ऐन्टेना
antenna    ऐंटिना
1.For the commonly used Yagi antenna this is not a linear relationship.

2.TV antennas are still a major application of the Yagi antenna.

3.Most used the port wing and a receiver Yagi antenna on the starboard wing.

4.The Type 42 had more revisions, including a change to using four Yagi antennas.

5.Hollmann built a regenerative receiver and Schultes developed Yagi antennas for transmitting and receiving.

6.To traverse these distances, directional Yagi antennas are almost essential and are generally horizontally polarized.

7.Yagi antennas were adopted for both transmitting and receiving.

8.:: Almost all UK TV terrestrial TV reception antennas are directional Yagi antennas with reflectors.

9.This rebroadcast signal was received by two directional yagi antennas on the aircraft carrying the Rebecca unit.

10.Each of these had a hand-rotated pole with Yagi antennas at two levels, allowing azimuth and elevation measurements.

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