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yups sentence in Hindi

"yups" meaning in Hindi
  • No wonder X-ers gag at the mention of " Yups ."
  • Other projects with Cris includes Internet channel yups . tv and the store " Fans Store ".
  • But Vidal said that when Brown came down to the Marina he took time to talk to people and got a big response from the yups and Jordan seniors.
  • It's a potentially engrossing tale of working-class Irish Americans fighting yuppie encroachment on their Boston neighborhood by, mainly, stealing the yups'stuff.
  • In 2012, YUPS TV, a television channel from RGB Entertainment and Cris Morena, made its debut on cable TV across Latin America and on the internet.
  • Slumping and slouching throughout the proceedings, jiggling his feet, biting idly at his nails, answering in " yeahs " and " yups,"
  • But we've had fun tweaking the yups who one by one have learned it ain't politic to tell the latest BONGer's anecdote in management meetings.
  • At the start of March, the first preview of the third season started airing in Yups TV, CMG new on-line television channel which debuted on 12 March.
  • But his stiff style, his Hill-speak and his terse " yups " and " nopes " in talks with friends are the stuff of jokes.
  • When the sponsors failed to materialize, the Examiner's Monday editions covered the event under the headline " No yups, just nopes at rally in Mission : Was scheduled anti-hate gathering a complete put-on ?"
  • The result is a stunning, authentic narrative of the war from beginning to end, woven out of totally disparate voices ( the reproduced phonetic misspellings even capture the dialects of Southern y'alls and Northern ay-yups ) but strikingly shared experiences.
  • The new material recorded by the band was used in " Atr @ pados ", a soap made for cellphones and the Internet which starred Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo, the male half of Erreway . " Atrap @ dos " was shot in 2009 but the project was never officially released, airing as shorts on Yups . TV in 2012.

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