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zanier sentence in Hindi

"zanier" meaning in Hindi
  • Minor-league baseball means promotions, the zanier the better.
  • The zanier the holder, the better it seems to sell.
  • Then there is the zanier end of the affinity-card trade.
  • He's into zanier things, as he has a pierced tongue.
  • And the zanier stunts can be traced beyond Carson and Paar to Steve Allen.
  • But in late September every night would be like Friday night, if not zanier.
  • Compelling folk-art images, the zanier the better, have always attracted Pearson.
  • One reporter, obviously expecting the zanier Shore, asked why he was so downbeat.
  • Steel's tastes are broader, zanier and less tied to any particular compositional style.
  • Smith also commented that Daphne wore " zanier clothes " than she did and was more outgoing.
  • And certainly a bit zanier acting that a cat, although more dignified at times that some dogs.
  • Balancing the zanier humor with the more contemplative material, Lawrence allows, " is a tightrope walk.
  • The sell is harder, yet the approach zanier, in a spot for the HotJobs . com Web site.
  • Call him the Cal Ripken Jr . of Spanish-language television _ but with a zanier sense of humor.
  • His mild-mannered nature and shy demeanor made him the perfect straight man for zanier characters such as Daffy.
  • Instead of exploring its zanier possibilities, the movie takes it own setup far too seriously, and the humor rarely levitates.
  • He went on to paint a few other things, jumpier, zanier, more obviously strange than this, but nothing as popular.
  • Born in Trail, British Columbia, Zanier's junior career was spent with five different teams in the Italy at the 1992 Winter Olympics.
  • The zany photographs are accompanied by Barbash's zanier limericks, including " Onions in Orbit " and " Wet Watermelon ."
  • Even zanier was Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who, with a minyan including Medved, has organized another Washington conference next month to bond conservative Jews with Reed.
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