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zanies sentence in Hindi

"zanies" meaning in Hindi
  • The Raider world continued to spin at a zany pace Thursday.
  • Club kids have made for zany daytime talk-show fare.
  • But he's dealing with a zany gaggle of personalities:
  • Who could have written the script for such a zany turnaround?
  • A kinda diary sorta zany thing about . . . No!
  • The scene at Valley Ranch on Wednesday was a bit zany.
  • Political cartoonists have taken the strange story for a zany ride.
  • The zany show, of course, has a zany answer.
  • The zany show, of course, has a zany answer.
  • That may sound zany, but in fact it makes sense.
  • Then he spent some time thinking about Krens'zany idea.
  • All of this gives it a zany but very uneven feel.
  • It's alternately zany, canny, dumb, wise.
  • She's zany, funny and just a tad intimidating.
  • History has cast Lucille Ball as a zany, redheaded clown.
  • Sure, the story can be zany or irreverent or weird.
  • Like Azaria, he loves dressing up and playing zany characters.
  • It's less convoluted, more civilized yet still zany.
  • Welch bought Zany Brainy out of bankruptcy protection in September 2001.
  • Gatlin challenged Crawford to do something zany for the first round.
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