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zangwill sentence in Hindi

"zangwill" meaning in Hindi
  • The dispute was not just over the Zangwill and Weizmann quotes.
  • It was based on the play and novel by Israel Zangwill.
  • _Israel Zangwill, " The Melting Pot"
  • Zangwill praised Roth for his  poetry and pugnacity . 
  • He fared best with Israel Zangwill, and Max Nordau.
  • Zangwill received his early schooling in Plymouth and Bristol.
  • Zangwill's simulation of Yiddish sentence structure in English aroused great interest.
  • Another useful program is the Decision Command software created by Dr . Willard Zangwill.
  • Israel Zangwill bitterly opposed Herzl, but after Istanbul Goldsmid agreed to support Herzl.
  • Zangwill himself attributed the phrase to Lord Shaftesbury.
  • Scholem Asch and Israel Zangwill, and the artist Maurycy Gottlieb, are notable examples.
  • As Professor of Experimental Psychology at Cambridge, Zangwill occupied a position of enormous influence.
  • Zangwill's interest in territorialism began in 1903 in response to the Kishinev Pogrom.
  • Historian Adam Garfinkle criticizes Said for attributing the phrase to Zangwill without giving a citation.
  • In commenting on the pogroms in a greeting to the Federation of American Zionists Zangwill commented:
  • Zangwill first visited Israel in 1897.
  • Israel Zangwill left the main Zionist movement over this decision and founded the Jewish Territorialist Organization ( ITO ).
  • The film is based on the play " The Moment of Death ", by Israel Zangwill.
  • The articles on Israel Zangwill, Anthony Cooper and Edward Said were also substantially altered to fit this articles thesis.
  • Freiman continued in his optimism at the Nineteenth Zionist Convention in January 1924, and targeted Israel Zangwill for his pessimism.
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