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zaniest sentence in Hindi

"zaniest" meaning in Hindi
  • How dare she take The Zaniest Redhead's name in vain.
  • Inc .'s could be the zaniest yet.
  • The best stuff here is also the zaniest.
  • Web bloodletting was just a sidelight to one of the zaniest trading days ever.
  • "We've probably been the zaniest fund-raiser so far.
  • The zaniest buffoons are generally virtual churchmice offscreen.
  • The boa constrictor figured in one of the zaniest scenes any team ever witnessed.
  • He was described by one journalist as'the zaniest runner of all time '.
  • Sandelin may be the zaniest of the three Swedes who could spice up the Ryder Cup.
  • The zaniest zaniness of all is the city's love-hate relationship with its cars.
  • The Supreme Court suspiciously voted along party lines, thus ending the zaniest presidential election in history.
  • Among the zaniest fans were three people dressed up as the Chick-Fil-A cows.
  • It was the most disjointed game of the Yankees'season and one of the zaniest in years.
  • But Albright also took on the United Nations'zaniest critics when necessary with a display of sharp wit.
  • All right, you knuckleheads, get spiffed up for the zaniest awards show ever to hit the small screen.
  • It was the zaniest World Series game since Toronto's 15-14 victory over Philadelphia exactly nine years ago.
  • "[ The album ] captures the band at both its zaniest and, fortunately, its most musical . ..
  • As a member of the Philadelphia Phillies that year, he was the zaniest character on a team full of free spirits.
  • The cable network will broadcast a joke of the nation's zaniest mayor as part of the five-hour program.
  • The movie's zaniest scenes remind us of those tinselly days when air travel was sold as sex in the sky.
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