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English-Hindi > zapper

zapper meaning in Hindi

zapper sentence in Hindi
1.Of those seven, one was found to have a zapper.

2.The researchers recommend that the zappers not be used near food.

3.He also invented what is referred to as the tuna zapper.

4.It uses the NES Zapper to destroy ships and gain powerups.

5.Phil's home : Whoever has the zapper rules.

6.They shouldn't hunt, dominate conversations or control TV zappers.

7.Pauline handles the nonstop bug zapper with a comatose cool.

8.The Resident Evil Shot Blaster is a replacement to the Wii Zapper.

9.The game also supports the Wii Zapper and Classic Controller.

10.Videos of Wild Zappers performing can be watched on YouTube.

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an electrical device that can injure or kill by means of electric currents; "a bug zapper"

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