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English-Hindi > zaps

zaps meaning in Hindi

zaps sentence in Hindi
1.Summit Technology found BEAM, and Helionetics coined the immortal ZAP.

2."Zap ! " contains safety tips and resources.

3.Get an electronic collar to zap Benji when he barks inappropriately.

4.That seemed to zap any comeback energy the Frogs were storing.

5."Nuke'em and zap'em ."

6.Zap has sold only 15, 000 bikes in four years.

7.A good zap with that battery pack of yours and BOOM!

8.To be sure, Zap . com is a small fry.

9.Perhaps because the immune system uses free radicals to zap bacteria.

10.Zap Asthma teaches similar disease management strategies and includes home visits.

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