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zapper sentence in Hindi

"zapper" meaning in Hindi
  • Of those seven, one was found to have a zapper.
  • The researchers recommend that the zappers not be used near food.
  • He also invented what is referred to as the tuna zapper.
  • It uses the NES Zapper to destroy ships and gain powerups.
  • Phil's home : Whoever has the zapper rules.
  • They shouldn't hunt, dominate conversations or control TV zappers.
  • Pauline handles the nonstop bug zapper with a comatose cool.
  • The Resident Evil Shot Blaster is a replacement to the Wii Zapper.
  • The game also supports the Wii Zapper and Classic Controller.
  • Videos of Wild Zappers performing can be watched on YouTube.
  • Perhaps what we really need is better TV shows to still the zappers.
  • Not while my powerful John-Payne-zapping remote zapper is handy.
  • There are zappers and traps, sprays and larvicides.
  • Ultraviolet traps called bug zappers are used to eliminate various small flying insects.
  • Nexoft released The Dominator ProBeam, a wireless version of the NES Zapper.
  • The Zantorians robots are called the Grabber, the Pusher and the Zapper.
  • Choosing which game to use the Wii Zapper with proved to be difficult.
  • The game was originally titled " Introduction to Wii Zapper ".
  • This game is also compatible with the Wii Zapper.
  • Sixty channels and remote channel-zappers make the world unsafe for drama majors.
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