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zaremba sentence in Hindi

"zaremba" meaning in Hindi
  • A year later he followed Zaremba to the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.
  • Zaremba, a licensed mortician, now lives in Michigan.
  • Tchaikovsky resubmitted the manuscript to Rubinstein and Zaremba during the Christmas break.
  • Zaremba composed most of his piano works and the oratorio in W�rttemberg.
  • The record sleeve was designed by lead singer Peter Zaremba.
  • Today Kathryn Zaremba works as an illustrator and surface designer.
  • He studied harmony and counterpoint with Zaremba and instrumentation and composition with Rubinstein.
  • Apart from his research works, Zaremba wrote many university textbooks and monographies.
  • Zaremba was appointed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • His daughter Lydia Zaremba was married to Theo Heemskerk, a Dutch politician.
  • In the years of 1922 1935 Zaremba was a deputy of a Sejm.
  • At the Jagiellonian University in Krak�w he attended lectures by StanisBaw Zaremba on mathematics.
  • The soloists were Elena Zaremba and Andrey Breus.
  • Singers with whom he has collaborated include Wolfgang Brendel, Elena Zaremba and Evgeny Nesterenko
  • Zaremba taught composition and harmony in the russian language, then not very common.
  • As a medium innovator, Zaremba's image composition was influenced by cubism.
  • According to Ostrowska & Zaremba, the month of June 1945 was the worst.
  • Polish authorities were led by Piotr Zaremba.
  • This included modifications requested by Rubinstein and Zaremba as a condition for reconsidering the work.
  • Tchaikovsky had to let the second subject as approved by Zaremba stand as it was.
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