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dahlgren system sentence in Hindi

"dahlgren system" meaning in Hindidahlgren system in a sentence
  • The Dahlgren system had segregated some of these plants as family Limoniaceae.
  • The Dahlgren system also included mounting carriages that facilitated various employments of the guns.
  • Two older systems which use the order Asparagales are the Dahlgren system and the Kubitzki system.
  • The Dahlgren system placed the Nymphaeales with the Piperales in superorder Nymphaeanae, within subclass Magnoliideae ( dicotyledons ).
  • The Dahlgren system and Thorne system ( 1992 ) treat this group at the rank of class, leading to the name Magnoliopsida.
  • At the other extreme, e . g . in the Dahlgren system of 1985, they have been divided between orders and split into many often small families.
  • The Dahlgren system assigned it to the order Annonales, which was placed in superorder Magnolianae, in subclass Magnoliideae [ = dicotyledons ], in class Magnoliopsida [ = angiosperms ].
  • From the Dahlgren system of 1985 onwards, studies based mainly on morphology had identified the Asparagales as a distinct group, but had also included groups now located in Liliales, Pandanales and Zingiberales.
  • The Thorne system ( 1992 ) and the Dahlgren system assigned the order to the superorder Areciflorae, also called Arecanae in the subclass Liliidae ( = monocotyledons ), with the single family Arecaceae.
  • Thismiaceae has either been treated as a separate family closely related to Burmanniaceae or as a tribe ( Thismieae ) within a more broadly defined Burmanniaceae, forming a separate Burmanniales order in the Dahlgren system.
  • The Dahlgren system and the Thorne system ( 1992 ) also recognized this family, and placed it in order Liliales in superorder Lilianae in subclass Liliidae ( monocotyledons ) of class Magnoliopsida ( angiosperms ).
  • The Dahlgren system also recognised the order and placed it in superorder Magnolianae, in subclass Magnoliideae ( Dahlgren's dicotyledons ), in class Magnoliopsida with the same circumscription of families as the Chronquist system.
  • Although mostly the order will consist of the orchids only ( usually in one family only, but sometimes divided into more families, as in the Dahlgren system, see below ), sometimes other families are added:
  • Over the next century, authors have variously treated this group as a distinct family or as a subfamily of the Ericaceae, though the trend from Margaret W . Henderson ( 1919 ) onward was toward the latter subfamily classification, albeit, the influential Cronquist and Dahlgren systems continued to treat the group as the family Monotropaceae, separate from the Ericaceae.

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