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quantification sentence in Hindi

"quantification" meaning in Hindiquantification in a sentence
  • Existential quantification can be performed by combining two negation beta nodes.
  • It is one of the basic principles used in quantification theory.
  • These larger biomolecules have presented their own unique challenges to quantification.
  • Quantitative linguistics is an area of linguistics that relies on quantification.
  • Words to put on the bathroom mirror in this era of quantification.
  • "Nip " resists quantification in degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Different assumptions and quantifications of these incomes will yield different Gini coefficients.
  • Multicomponent relaxometry ( MCR ) allow visualization and quantification of myelin content.
  • Competitive RT-PCR technique is used for absolute quantification.
  • Covers theory of computation, but also program semantics and quantification theory.
  • Others would define it as an excessive emphasis upon quantification.
  • It covers ergonomics, quantification, evaluation, and navigation.
  • In the Victorian era many aspects of life were succumbing to quantification.
  • Real-time techniques allow for quantification of the virus.
  • Branching quantification first appeared in a 1959 conference paper of Leon Henkin.
  • Uncertainty quantification intends to work toward reducing epistemic uncertainties to aleatoric uncertainties.
  • PET has multiple potential advantages including superior resolution, speed and quantification.
  • Where \ phi and \ psi are regular meets and existential quantification.
  • Similarly, radiologic images are technically quantifications of radiologic opacity of tissues.
  • It is used to represent universal quantification in predicate logic.
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