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quantifiable sentence in Hindi

"quantifiable" meaning in Hindi
  • But is there really a quantifiable deficiency among so many students?
  • And we need to see some quantifiable results by first quarter.
  • The other shifts, if less quantifiable, are equally profound.
  • How well these things worked was rarely quantifiable, even today.
  • By contrast, management of people is a lot less quantifiable.
  • Early theorists of utility considered that it had physically quantifiable attributes.
  • Slovic and team found that perceived risk is quantifiable and predictable.
  • By the way I realize that Theology is not exactly quantifiable.
  • :" Love for dogs " is not a quantifiable metric.
  • The value of Broadway's national presence is quantifiable.
  • There has to be some quantifiable way of detecting discrimination.
  • Then there is his magnetic appeal, which is quantifiable.
  • Only scenes that produce a quantifiable rise in blood pressure.
  • But the qualities that define Rodriguez are not quantifiable in raw data.
  • Weiss'role in the company was varied and not easily quantifiable.
  • But there may be another, less quantifiable factor at play here.
  • Other risks are not considered fully quantifiable at this stage.
  • He is neither quantifiable nor can his qualities ever truly be described.
  • Quality of life is something else : it isn't quantifiable.
  • But this is not to say that such attributes are not quantifiable.
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