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dacoit sentence in Hindi

"dacoit" meaning in Hindi
  • Currently he is in media attention regarding his latest biopic on forest dacoit veerappan.
  • Some say conch shell sound used to be reserved to alert dacoit attacks only.
  • The shopkeepers who dared offer resistance came under attack of the dacoits and received injuries.
  • On his way he is caught by dacoits and left for dead in the sun.
  • Faiz Ali is revealed to be a dacoit whom the soldiers have pursued for years.
  • He killed dacoit Tara Chandawat with horse, near Naranya Pond, in single attempt.
  • In Karkala there was a huge fight going on between Jain rulers and the dacoits.
  • At last the dacoits had to run away from Karkala since they had been defeated.
  • In her girlhood, she had fended off a band of dacoits with a khadga.
  • Years later, the same Dacoit was killed by Fu Manchu for failing his mission.
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