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enamelled sentence in Hindi

"enamelled" meaning in Hindi
  • Rockingham-produced earthenware is often transfer printed, but occasionally enamelled pieces may be found.
  • It is decorated with a large gold and enamelled breast star surrounded by five small stars.
  • Some were enamelled by William Duesbury.
  • At the enamelling tradition of the 16th and 17th centuries and produced hardstone goblets with enamelled mounts
  • The woodwork in the bedrooms was finished in enamelled ivory, and the mantels in onyx.
  • The production of porcelain enamelled products on an industrial scale first began in Germany in 1840.
  • This was a solid gold badge, featuring an enamelled disc bearing Lenin's portrait.
  • Benjamin Baugh had begun to manufacture tough vitreous enamelled sheet wrought iron in Bradford Street In 1857.
  • The MTWS was a matrix of eight by ten cores through which enamelled wire could be threaded.
  • The officers emblem was a five-pointed, red-enamelled star 34 centimeter in diameter.
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