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yuppy sentence in Hindi

"yuppy" meaning in Hindi
  • Boleslawiec Pottery ( Polish ) also known as Bunzlau Pottery ( German ), which is very high grade kitchen ware, which has been around for 300 + years, and is now sold in yuppy stores, is now very popular in the United States, but nothing is written on it in English Wikipedia.
  • Perhaps one voyages to a magical archipelago in a distant ocean, with each island a stop for a different archetype _ the preppy and the yuppy, the Jewish American princess, or JAP, and now, her cousin the BAP . They all share a sense of entitlement and a worship of materialism, but the guide spells out where their paths diverge.
  • Much is made of the traits of individual characters, such as Del's lack of cultural refinement, despite his pretensions, best seen in his misuse of French phrases or his claims to be a yuppy; Rodney's gormless nature, resulting in his being labelled a " plonker " or a " dipstick " by Del; the general daftness of Grandad and Trigger, and the rampant snobbery of Boycie.
  • A nice slice of Americana slid by my window : Back Bay and the clustered spires of Harvard, a ferris wheel and carnival rides in a Providence schoolyard, lobster boats heading to sea off Stonington, Connecticut, a fine view of the New York skyline while crossing Hell Gate Bridge, New Jersey's busy container ship piers, the flaring stacks of an oil refinery, a grim prison garlanded with razor wire, the McMansions of posh Yuppy towns punctuated by golfers in little carts, abandoned factories with broken windows and an occasional farm along the old Pennsylvania Main Line.
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