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zaniest sentence in Hindi

"zaniest" meaning in Hindi
  • While tremendously profitable, the show isn't nearly overexposed enough; hence its continued success as the zaniest Zeitgeist on prime time.
  • Many of the zaniest stories are from Yosemite, which gets 4 million visitors each year, some from the farthest reaches of the world.
  • "You could see little bumps where his breasts were, " she says in one of the saddest, zaniest lines ever written.
  • I summarize this theory with caution, since Virilio develops it through that mixture of hyperbole and non sequitur which is French scholarship at its zaniest.
  • Remember, this is the team that hired two of the zaniest and most volatile managers of all time in the late Billy Martin and Doug Rader.
  • In the movie's running joke _ one of the zaniest comic conceits Allen has ever dreamed up _ Val directs the picture despite his blindness.
  • For the past decade this zaniest of stand-up comics has been stepping, at times self-consciously, into the relatively unzany literary world.
  • The rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix won by Finland's Kimi Raikkonen on Sunday was one of the zaniest Formula One races in recent history.
  • Wigstock turned 11 this year, and of all of New York's myriad street festivals, this is surely the zaniest, funniest and most deliberately tasteless.
  • In the off-season, O'Leary and teammate Germany Schaefer, known as one of baseball's zaniest characters, worked as a comic vaudeville act.
  • The patchworks, called show quilts, that these women created were a new breed that included some of the zaniest and most luxurious ever made _ and the least functional.
  • Maybe they're the reason all the other teams are so conservative, but it's definitely football in the funhouse mirror, distorted in all the zaniest ways.
  • Set in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, home of the blues and land of the floating casino, the novel conjures one of Leonard's zaniest casts yet.
  • Downey, his hair blasted into a two-toned Don King-style flare, adopts a German accent worthy of Peter Sellers at his zaniest to play this lecherous impostor.
  • Still, Supratman _ friends say that he is entitled to have a name that might be confused with Superman _ insists on having the freshest news, and the zaniest headlines.
  • His T-shirt, stretched over his belly, read, " I Get Enough Exercise Pushing My Luck, " which was about the zaniest thing anyone here wore.
  • In " Basket Case, " the zaniest characters are two women : the young widow of Jimmy Stoma, faded frontman of the Slut Puppies, and Stoma's sister.
  • A cultural curmudgeon in his final years, Allen was one of TV's zaniest comics in the 1950s and'60s, and the late-night forerunner to Jay Leno and David Letterman.
  • Zulkey wrote " that when it's at its zaniest, " The Office " is at its worst ", and the episode was " just too silly to be funny ".
  • He profiled many of the city's zaniest characters, including " Black Cat " Lacombe, " Leapin'Lou " Messina, Buddy Diliberto, Abdul D . Tentmakur, and Morgus the Magnificent.
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