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zanzibari sentence in Hindi

"zanzibari" meaning in Hindi
  • Jumbe Rajab Jumbe, a Zanzibari was chosen as his vice-presidential candidate.
  • But Mtumwa said Zanzibari authorities are not aware of any terrorist threats or Muslim fundamentalists.
  • There were also Zanzibari and Arab interpreters and cooks from Portuguese Goa ( India ).
  • All Zanzibari notes were withdrawn in 1936.
  • Also Wednesday, police arrested Ally Saleh, a Zanzibari reporter for the British Broadcasting Corp.
  • Zanzibari culture includes a blend of Islamic, Hindi, Shirazi, Christian and African traditions.
  • Haji Gora Haji, a Zanzibari, won a Golden Dhow for lifetime achievement in poetry.
  • The operation was largely successful, but anti-German feeling among the Zanzibari people remained strong.
  • The district boma or headquarters is the most impressive building remaining from the period of Zanzibari rule.
  • Distinctive features of the building include the zanzibari-style carved wooden door and coral stone walls.
  • Either way, the outcome represents a colossal contempt for ordinary Zanzibari people and their aspirations for democracy.
  • He has distanced himself from outgoing Zanzibari President Salmin Amour, who is reportedly under investigation for fraud.
  • Sheni, a 53-year-old doctor, previously held a position in the Zanzibari government.
  • Tanzanian government leaders reject that idea, supporting a plan to end Zanzibari autonomy and create a single government.
  • Amani Karume has distanced himself from outgoing Zanzibari President Salmin Amour, who is reportedly under investigation for fraud.
  • Zanzibari Muslim leaders and Tanzanian and foreign officials have expressed concerns about rising extremism among young Muslims in archipelago.
  • Senior members of both the Zanzibari and Tanzanian government have accused the Civic United Front of training a militia.
  • The semiautonomous Zanzibari government controls the content of all public and private radio and television broadcasts in its islands.
  • The British troops then withdrew, having suffered heavily from malaria, but the Sudanese and Zanzibari troops remained.
  • Following the election, the CUF boycotted the House of Representatives and refused to recognize the Zanzibari government as legitimate.
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