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English-Hindi > ugandan shilling

ugandan shilling meaning in Hindi

ugandan shilling sentence in Hindi
युगांडाई शिलिंग
shilling    शिलिंग एक
1.Ugandan shillings are preferred in the villages along the Ugandan border.

2.The minimum fee will be 500 Ugandan shillings ( U . S . cents 40 ).

3.The entire project will cost 1 billion Ugandan shillings ( US $ 588, 000 ).

4.The court further awarded 1.5 million Ugandan shillings plus court costs to each of the plaintiffs.

5.The Ugandan shilling has depreciated to UGX1, 270 against the dollar, from UGX1, 235 early September.

6.The lake appears on the 5, 000 Ugandan shilling note under the title " Lake Bunyonyi and terraces ".

7.Some countries have not changed their currency despite being post-colonial, for example Uganda retains the Ugandan shilling.

8.The Bank of Uganda is the central bank of Uganda and handles monetary policy along with the printing of the Ugandan shilling.

9.It was replaced by local currencies ( Kenyan shilling, Ugandan shilling, and Tanzanian shilingi ) following the territories'independence.

10.Inflation shot to 1000 percent and the Ugandan shilling became worthless, but that hardly mattered since there were no goods to buy.

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