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unluckily sentence in Hindi

"unluckily" meaning in Hindiunluckily in a sentence
  • This is the point Ms . Campion unluckily loses sight of.
  • Unluckily for the Taiping rebels, his last words came true.
  • The letter unluckily was intercepted, and it told a tale.
  • Unluckily for the film, the kids mostly seem emblematic.
  • Earnhardt, unluckily, was among those who got through the pileup.
  • Unluckily, the carpet returns with Kabul Aqba still asleep on it.
  • Unluckily, the result of the reconstruction was not ideal.
  • Merchant was unluckily run out having scored a " masterful " 128.
  • Richter played steadily if somewhat unluckily through two periods.
  • Unluckily for Wisden, the photo that they picked was the offending photograph.
  • Unluckily, Captain Holford's ship met with this ship at sea.
  • After a Scott Dureau drop goal, the Giants unluckily lost 13 12.
  • Unluckily, more will sprout right back up.
  • But unluckily the names of the owners until after 1450 are today not known.
  • Unluckily P�tursson did not score in this game.
  • Unluckily, Tessa recorded their discussion in which they plan to escape with Natalia.
  • Unluckily for them, Mazinkaiser was being stored in space, out of their reach.
  • Robin Smith was unluckily dismissed for 96.
  • Unluckily, the document is in Italian.
  • He played in all 3 games but unluckily lost his spot for the qualifying final.
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