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unmade sentence in Hindi

"unmade" meaning in Hindiunmade in a sentence
  • He seems hopelessly inanimate, an unmade bed in human form.
  • It was he who made and unmade many regimes in Africa,
  • Confused in her mind, she made and unmade several ."
  • The hay at the farm was, at last report, unmade.
  • Images of unmade beds and filthy bathrooms haunt my sleep.
  • It's the sonic equivalent of an unmade bed.
  • The unmade bed banks against a chest of drawers draped in clothes.
  • The thing about the people in " Unmade Beds,"
  • "Unmade Beds " is a set of cinematic memoirs.
  • Who wants to look like an unmade bed on vacation?
  • Tracey Emin displayed an unmade bed, plus u { ed d.
  • Beds were unmade, the sheets and blankets pulled to the side.
  • In Kashmir, peace is made and unmade during a single day.
  • It was released on 8 April 2016 on Unmade Road.
  • The bed in the master bedroom was unmade and the television was on.
  • The same goes for big plays made or unmade.
  • But once made, these effects can be unmade.
  • Nope, his locks are all tossed and turned like an unmade bed.
  • And, of course, his bed went unmade.
  • This left him highly fatigued and many decisions unmade.
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