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unlubricated sentence in Hindi

"unlubricated" meaning in Hindiunlubricated in a sentence
  • Unlubricated chains will significantly decrease performance and increase chain and sprocket wear.
  • This kind of wear occur in a variety of situations both in lubricated and unlubricated contacts.
  • It is best suited for medium mechanical duties in water, oil hydraulics, pneumatics, and unlubricated applications.
  • But it has been standard procedure to run the pumps to empty the tanks almost completely, at which point the pumps are running dry, unlubricated and exposed to fumes.
  • Eleven inmates filed a federal lawsuit, saying guards made them take off their clothes in front of a female guard, tap dance naked and shave with an unlubricated razor.
  • Rifle cartridges require lubrication of every case, due to the large amount of force required, while smaller, thinner handgun cartridges can get away with alternating lubricated and unlubricated cases.
  • "In solid surface contact " or unlubricated conditions, the initial contact is characterised by interaction between asperities and the exhibition of two different sorts of attraction : cohesive surface-energy or the molecules connect and adhere the two surfaces together, notably even if they are separated by a measurable distance.
  • Any product where one material slides or rubs over another is affected by complex tribological interactions, whether lubricated like hip implants and other artificial prostheses, or unlubricated as in high temperature sliding wear in which conventional lubricants cannot be used but in which the formation of compacted oxide layer glazes have been observed to protect against wear.

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