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vacuolar membrane sentence in Hindi

"vacuolar membrane" meaning in Hindi
  • VAC7 activates vacuolar membrane scission and is required for normal vacuole acidification, inheritance and morphology.
  • The protein localisation to the vacuolar membrane supports this suggestion ( see also Chapter 1.5 ).
  • Subsequent biochemical work led to the identification of proton transport ATPases at the plasma membrane and vacuolar membranes.
  • Secretion of LLO and PlcA disrupts the vacuolar membrane and allows the bacterium to escape into the cytoplasm, where it may proliferate.
  • However, due to the vacuolar membrane ( which was ignored in the Goldstein model ), the cytoplasmic flow follows a different flow pattern.
  • H +-PPases are also called vacuolar-type inorganic pyrophosphatases ( V-PPase ) or pyrophosphate-energised vacuolar membrane proton pumps.
  • Embryophyte cells also generally have an enlarged central vacuole enclosed by a vacuolar membrane or tonoplast, which maintains cell turgor and keeps the plant rigid.
  • It should be noted that the Goldstein model ignores the vacuolar membrane, and simply assumes that shear forces are directly translated to the vacuolar fluid from the cytoplasm.
  • For example, the proton gradient across the yeast vacuolar membrane generated by V-ATPases drives calcium uptake into the vacuole through an antiporter system ( Ohya, 1991 ).
  • Also called the "'vacuolar membrane "', the tonoplast is the cytoplasmic membrane surrounding a vacuole, separating the vacuolar contents from the cell's cytoplasm.
  • It is possible that, while the microneme initiates erythrocyte-binding, the rhoptry secretes proteins to create the PVM, or the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane, in which the parasite can survive and reproduce.
  • Hence, it can be seen that the action potential in the vacuolar membrane leads to acidification and this in turn allows the luciferin to be released to react with luciferase in the scintillon, producing a flash of blue light.

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