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English-Hindi > xcvii

xcvii meaning in Hindi

xcvii sentence in Hindi
1.Various edits and reprints do not number them consistently; by Bernoulli, i to xcvii, with some marked as xciib, etc ., originally cxxxvi-ccxxxii ).

2.Some of the remaining Croat members of the division were killed while the XCVII Army Corps attempted to push through, but the formation lacked the strength to achieve its objective.

3.As a result, on 5 May 1945, " Generaloberst " } } Alexander L�hr, Commander-in-chief Southeast Europe, authorised the XCVII Army Corps, including the 392nd Division, to surrender.

4.Canto XCVII draws heavily on Alexander del Mar's " History of Monetary Systems " in a survey ranging from Fortuna together with Greek forms of solar worship and the Flamen Dialis that is intended to integrate gold and silver as attributes of coin and the divine.

5.One of the most important Kurdish manuscripts he obtained during this period was " The Forqan ol-Akhbar ", by Hajj Nematollah, which he later wrote about in " Etudes sur les Ahl-I Haqq, I . ", Revue de L Histoire des Religions, tome XCVII, No . 1, Janvier 1928, pp . 90 105.

6.With such connections and $ 8.5 million, Smith landed the franchise, the AFL was left hat in hand, the Atlanta team became the Falcons and 33 years later plays the Broncos, who almost came to Atlanta, in the Super Bowl . ( That the NFL revived America's interest in Roman numerals might seem strange, since nobody ever refers to World Series XCVII, or whatever, but the Super Bowl, in this case, is XXXIII .)

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