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xcv meaning in Hindi

xcv sentence in Hindi
1.The " Orkneyinga saga " mentions the island several times, such as in Chapter XCV:

2.Ezra Pound includes Santayana among his many cultural references in " The Cantos ", notably in " Canto LXXXI " and " Canto XCV ".

3."" L iconologia di Cristo Giudice nella Cappella degli Scrovegni di Giotto ", �Bollettino del Museo Civico di Padova? XCV, 2006, pp . 45 65.

4.Canto XCV opens with the word " LOVE " in block capitals and recaps many of the " Rock Drill " examples of the relationship between love, light and politics.

5."" Le allegorie della sovrapporta laterale d accesso alla Cappella degli Scrovegni di Giotto ", �Bollettino del Museo Civico di Padova? XCV, 2006, pp . 67 77.

6."Comment on Thomas Tanselle's,'The Bibliography and Textual Study of American Books, " American Antiquarian Society Proceedings, XCV, Part I ( Worcester, Mass . ), 1985, 152-160.

7.Some scholars including Richardson and Czapla consider that chapters xxx ( Bishop John II of Jerusalem ), lxxxvii ( Victorinus ), xciii ( Caerealis of Africa . ), and all the end portion ( xcv-ci ), are not authentic.

8.As a counterpoint, Seneca the Younger wrote, in his " Epistulae morales ad Lucilium " ( specifically, Epistula XCV, paragraph 33 ), " " homo, sacra res homini ", " which has been translated as " man, an object of reverence in the eyes of man ."

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