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English-Hindi > zarathustrian

zarathustrian meaning in Hindi

zarathustrian sentence in Hindi
1.He has also given the date of 8486 ( From the birth of the Iranian prophet, Asho Zarathusthra Spitaman, 6480 B . C . ) as according to the Iranian Mazda Yazni Zarathustrian calendar.

2.In the ancient Zarathustrian Parsi community to which, on my father's side, I have the honour to belong, this ceremony is normally performed, as in other Faiths, in childhood, or owing to special circumstances as in my case, later in life, when I assumed my name as it now is or, in the words of the legal document in which this is mentioned " . . . received into the Parsi community and in accordance with the custom and tradition thereof, is now and will be henceforth known as . . . " and here follows my name as now.

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