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English-Hindi > zarathustra

zarathustra meaning in Hindi

zarathustra sentence in Hindi
1.Friedrich Nietzche's " Thus Spake Zarathustra,"

2.The religion is named after its prophet Zoroaster, or Zarathustra.

3.The team proceeded to Zarathustra and along with it, Wilhelm.

4.(BU ) Strauss : " Also Sprach Zarathustra,"

5.The Greek and Latin sources are divided on the birthplace of Zarathustra.

6.Zarathustra presents the �bermensch as the creator of new values.

7.And maybe some dramatic classical music like Also Spracht Zarathustra.

8.This theme is common throughout " Thus Spoke Zarathustra ".

9.And indeed Nietzsche says it with the mouth of Zarathustra:

10.Nietzsche's philosophical writing was titled " Thus Spake Zarathustra ".

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