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English-Hindi > zaremba

zaremba meaning in Hindi

zaremba sentence in Hindi
1.A year later he followed Zaremba to the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

2.Zaremba, a licensed mortician, now lives in Michigan.

3.Tchaikovsky resubmitted the manuscript to Rubinstein and Zaremba during the Christmas break.

4.Zaremba composed most of his piano works and the oratorio in W�rttemberg.

5.The record sleeve was designed by lead singer Peter Zaremba.

6.Today Kathryn Zaremba works as an illustrator and surface designer.

7.He studied harmony and counterpoint with Zaremba and instrumentation and composition with Rubinstein.

8.Apart from his research works, Zaremba wrote many university textbooks and monographies.

9.Zaremba was appointed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

10.His daughter Lydia Zaremba was married to Theo Heemskerk, a Dutch politician.

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