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zaragoza sentence in Hindi

"zaragoza" meaning in Hindizaragoza in a sentence
  • Zaragoza's case hasn't been heard from since.
  • Miguel scored twice for Zaragoza in the 32nd and 67th minutes.
  • The team with the best outlook this weekend may be Zaragoza.
  • Real Zaragoza ( Spain ) vs . Feyenoord Rotterdam ( Netherlands)
  • Real Zaragoza ( Spain ) 3, Chelsea ( England ) 0
  • Zaragoza, 37, is bidding for a fourth world title.
  • Yet a second defensive set up Zaragoza's second goal.
  • The result left Zaragoza with 26 points while Oviedo has 23.
  • On Saturday, Espanyol drew 1-1 away against Zaragoza.
  • Zaragoza and Athletic Bilbao played to a 1-1 tie.
  • Zaragoza was the WBC bantamweight champion for three months in 1985.
  • The results left Zaragoza with 10 points and Salamanca with four.
  • Atletico de Madrid-Zaragoza wraps up the round on Monday.
  • Javier Aguado scored a compensation goal for Zaragoza in the 80th.
  • Midtable Zaragoza trounced lowly Villarreal 4-0 from four headers.
  • In late games Zaragoza was hosting Sevilla and Betis faced Espanyol.
  • Zaragoza meets Silkeborg of Denmark in the UEFA cup on Thursday.
  • Acuna in the 64th minute was Zaragoza's sole reply.
  • Madrid plays Zaragoza, Valencia faces Osasuna and Deportivo meets Tenerife.
  • Zaragoza's Paraguayan international midfielder Roberto " Toro"
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