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enticements sentence in Hindi

"enticements" meaning in Hindienticements in a sentence
  • If that's enough enticement for you, wade on in.
  • As expressed by organizers of a new enticement called SpyDrive:
  • Supermarkets and retail stores might beam product enticements at customers.
  • They are about the enticement of billions of dollars in gambling revenues.
  • Of course, the computers also offer the enticement of the Internet.
  • This year's enticements are as interesting as they are new:
  • He has pleaded innocent to charges of child enticement and sexual assault.
  • Chmura has pleaded innocent to charges of child enticement and sexual assault.
  • Romania succumbed to Allied enticement on August 18, 1916.
  • What enticement could wealth and ornaments hold for the like of us?
  • However, he keeps falling for Simone's enticements.
  • But the enticement of profit sharing raised participation to 94.5 percent.
  • The cover story has that element of enticement : " Instant Internet.
  • The most direct attempts at enticement come from fragrances containing synthetic human pheromones.
  • The Enticements : Long String of Lures For Local Doctors
  • America's theme parks continue to build excitement and enticements to visit.
  • But the enticements were too little, too late.
  • So far, the enticements have been virtually fruitless.
  • Such enticements typically make people reach for their wallets.
  • They are also an enticement for taking future risks.
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