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quantifiable sentence in Hindi

"quantifiable" meaning in Hindi  
  • A common metric of social engagement is the quantifiable volume of activity.
  • We're finally to the point where we are negotiating quantifiable things.
  • Is there any quantifiable loss to the NBA .?
  • We now have an overarching plan and quantifiable goals.
  • Robinson's defensive trademark is opportunism, and not necessarily quantifiable stinginess.
  • Thus, self is not strictly non-quantifiable.
  • Cohen provided a quantifiable assessment for art therapists to use around the world.
  • This still results in a repeating, quantifiable error.
  • :Of course it's quantifiable, provided you specify what films.
  • For fighter pilots, it was a quantifiable measure of skill and success.
  • I'm not sure these things are quantifiable.
  • Companies are now emphasizing the quantifiable benefits they receive from dollars spent on meetings.
  • McDaniel's best contributions were not quantifiable.
  • We are committed to useful, quantifiable results in every important thing we do.
  • But the less quantifiable anxiety and anger open markets foster are no less real.
  • Herme's greater achievement is less quantifiable.
  • It is immeasurably helpful, not even quantifiable.
  • "The public has seen a quantifiable benefit, " he said.
  • One thing that is quantifiable is the exposure AFI has gotten from the process.
  • How do you define that in quantifiable terms?
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