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quantifiable sentence in Hindi

"quantifiable" meaning in Hindi  
  • A trade secret can be a quantifiable design, composition, formula or pattern.
  • The institute did not find quantifiable amounts of any fiber in Rose Art crayons.
  • Guts are intangible, not a quantifiable statistic like goals or hits or saves.
  • "It's quantifiable measurements and data, " he said.
  • Comparing scoring systems is a mathematical question for which there is a quantifiable answer.
  • We would have hoped that this would have been decided more on quantifiable criteria.
  • The town's stockbrokers had quantifiable wealth : salaries, investments, pensions.
  • "I'm studying the quantifiable aspects of the mind,"
  • Most organizations report that their definition of performance is now more rigorous and quantifiable,
  • "The vaccine uses actual, quantifiable amounts of some of the viral components.
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