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quantifies sentence in Hindi

"quantifies" meaning in Hindi
  • I think it's impossible to quantify ( plagiarism ).
  • That may be because the decision process is hard to quantify.
  • You may be right, but how do we quantify that?
  • The cost of leaving an idea unmentioned is harder to quantify.
  • But an equally important force is harder to quantify : anxiety.
  • Those are things you have to quantify before you claim accuracy.
  • How to distinguish and quantify the bit that have an impact?
  • We attempt to quantify the portable work tasks this individual has.
  • How such turmoil manifests into this season is hard to quantify.
  • But he refused to quantify the amount or pinpoint a time.
  • We will never be able to quantify all the social consequences,
  • "It's hard to quantify progress in bargaining.
  • "You can't quantify his valor,"
  • Still more research is needed to quantify the Southern Ocean ecosystem.
  • The bias variance decomposition is one way to quantify generalization error.
  • Brand equity is strategically crucial, but famously difficult to quantify.
  • The amount of precipitation due to seeding is difficult to quantify.
  • Species richness quantifies the actual rather than effective number of species.
  • Improvement is difficult to quantify because they applied several different actions.
  • To quantify the surface roughness the ISO 25178 can be used.
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