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zarf sentence in Hindi

"zarf" meaning in Hindi
  • Like most everyone else in the Kane-Montgomery family, Josh proves to be extremely protective of Bianca, especially where her happiness is concerned and is acrimonious towards Zarf / Zoe, whom he thinks would hurt Bianca.
  • Zarf finally revealed the truth to Bianca first telling her that all his life he wanted to be a girl, play with dolls, where dresses, do girl things but felt trapped in a man's body.
  • In Russian-speaking cultures and West Asian cultures influenced by the Ottoman Empire tea is often served in a glass held in a separate metal container with a handle, called a zarf . or in Russian a " podstakannik.
  • While a student at Carnegie Mellon University, Zarf was one of the early members of the Carnegie Mellon KGB . He created the organization's signature " Capture the Flag with Stuff " game, which is now played by several hundred students every semester.
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