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zaps sentence in Hindi

"zaps" meaning in Hindizaps in a sentence
  • Summit Technology found BEAM, and Helionetics coined the immortal ZAP.
  • "Zap ! " contains safety tips and resources.
  • Get an electronic collar to zap Benji when he barks inappropriately.
  • That seemed to zap any comeback energy the Frogs were storing.
  • "Nuke'em and zap'em ."
  • Zap has sold only 15, 000 bikes in four years.
  • A good zap with that battery pack of yours and BOOM!
  • To be sure, Zap . com is a small fry.
  • Perhaps because the immune system uses free radicals to zap bacteria.
  • Zap Asthma teaches similar disease management strategies and includes home visits.
  • Then, " zap it for one minute ."
  • Zip-zap, and suddenly the year is halfway over.
  • DeLay may have some interesting ideas on how to zap them.
  • Newspaper reporters can zap copy across oceans thanks to computer modems.
  • "7 " ( Luaka Bop ) _ Zap Mama
  • Zap Mama is another offspring of cultural zapping _ tragically so.
  • Tech sell-off zaps Taipei, B shares in mixed close
  • Continued publicity further increased the excitement surrounding the Zip to Zap.
  • As Claire and West fly away, Elle zaps them down.
  • Most able Joes, Zap included, go on the offensive.
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