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zapping sentence in Hindi

"zapping" meaning in Hindi
  • Kids zapping a live, jumping trout in a microwave oven.
  • Freezing and zapping doesn't do a particle of good.
  • Zap Mama is another offspring of cultural zapping _ tragically so.
  • The Zapping Zone can be considered the primetime of the channel.
  • Even in Texas, government officials are squeamish about zapping a woman.
  • Another offspring of cultural zapping, in part tragically so.
  • She hosted the Disney Channel show " Zapping Zone ".
  • Zapping the Robert Hayes contributions really puzzles and angers me.
  • Not while my powerful John-Payne-zapping remote zapper is handy.
  • The Shark Board museum has a model shark-zapping board on display.
  • "At Chowchilla they're zapping everyone.
  • Transfer it to your LC, and start zapping.
  • Ad-zapping personal video recorders face other challenges.
  • Expect these to be zapping into phones next year.
  • He said he had enjoyed zapping co-workers with a stun gun.
  • Taking the last one, they forge into alien technology zapping the citizens.
  • A day or two ago, he was zapping pigeons with a BB gun.
  • Above all, there is the frenetic zapping from one thing to the next.
  • Those zapping, snapping Langoliers are computer generated.
  • RCA wants to make zapping commercials less strenuous.
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