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zapped sentence in Hindi

"zapped" meaning in Hindi
  • The commercials are not zapped or deleted but simply covered up.
  • His upper body shakes as if its been zapped with electricity.
  • Cowell can seem like some medieval modalist zapped to 1940s Appalachia.
  • "It zapped my career, " he said.
  • This monster legislation was clumped together haphazardly and zapped into life.
  • If Snake so much as touches it, he is zapped.
  • Some have zapped them with electricity to shock coins into dropping.
  • The picture can be zapped by pushing the shutter release again.
  • After games, the usually high-octane London is zapped.
  • Because once they are deleted, they have been zapped away.
  • Relaxing in his living room, Jehle zapped through television programs.
  • They've been zapped by a memory-draining weapon.
  • Morris tries to warn him, but is zapped by Charn.
  • Subsequently your post which responded to her has been zapped too.
  • FYI, the OP zapped this section except for his signature.
  • 3DO's stock has been zapped as a result.
  • I couldn't believe how it zapped my strength and weight.
  • Their heads are placed in a holder and they are zapped unconscious.
  • An early frost pretty much zapped the vegetables and blackened the basil.
  • Could debris be zapped without the owner's permission?
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